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Mist Over the Mountains

The Sage Tree Investment team recognizes that our client’s financial success is dependent upon calculated growth over time. Our underlying mission is to provide steady wealth accumulation for our clients, in the face of market risk. We believe that a dynamic approach in investment decision making must consider the depth and breadth of information that can only be provided through a working knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as a solid understanding of market psychology.


From a technical perspective, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Our proprietary approach looks at the interaction of a variety of technical indicators. These indicators include but are not limited to: the spatial relationship of stock price candles, regression analysis, volume, money flows, and relative strength indicators. Utilizing sophisticated trading tools, we seek to assess what larger investors are doing in the markets, which in turn allows us to make educated decisions on behalf of our clients.


While the Sage Tree Investment team values the perspective that technical analysis provides, we are also firm believers in the power of fundamental analysis. Our holistic approach to investing involves searching out those companies that represent leaders in their respective industries, as well as organizations that are reinventing themselves to meet the challenges of new world technologies. These leaders generally show exceptional earnings and steady sales growth, creating a solid foundation for our portfolios.   


We believe that over time our approach can help enable investors to deal with the challenges of volatile market environments. We understand that investor emotions can wreak havoc on good decision making. Our process driven approach attempts to eliminate emotion as a variable, thus keeping assets invested when appropriate and out of the market when the technical and fundamental signals indicate that it is time to sit on the sidelines. It is through this eclectic approach in portfolio management, that we strive to promote a suitable level of growth while seeking to protect our client’s assets from the perils of significant market downturns.

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