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401k Services


Sage Tree Wealth offers a variety of services to meet the 401k needs of our clients. Whether you are an individual/sole proprietor or large company, we assist with 401k plan development and design, participant enrollment,  day to day servicing, and investment strategy education for participants, plan sponsors and trustees. Moreover, we often participate as active members of a company's investment policy committee.

Sage Tree has partnered up with ePlan Services, a full service, online platform provider and third party administrator. ePlan Services utilizes Matrix Bank as a primary custodian. Together, we provide a range of benefits including:

  • Flexible 401k plan design.

  • Easy 401k plan set-up and maintenance.

  • Access to over 125 mutual fund families.

  • No load, low annual expense ratios and no transaction fees.

  • Transparent fees

  • Full integration with payroll software.

  • Year end support for DOL compliance.

  • Easy accessibility to account information and statements.

  • Quarterly fund review with your company's investment policy committee

Sage Tree Wealth prides itself on providing exceptional customer service to you as the employer, as well as to each participant. We feel that participant education throughout their career is crucial to understanding their 401k and reaching their financial goals. To this end, we offer quarterly reviews and financial planning to all of our participants.

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